Welcome to Grace Assembly, Lynchburg, VA.

Grace -Marriage Group Enrichment Discussion

24 Sep 2017 | 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm


In the course of life, as even the strongest metals will rust, so do key areas in our lives. In an effort to examine big ticket areas in our lives and bring them front and center to the cross, we need the sinful rust scrubbed away. So this meeting is a relaxed one devoted to marriage. All are invited, premarried, married, post-married, divorced, separated, single…because marriage is bigger than simply this life, bigger than our experiences, marriage is a parable of reconciliation, death and sacrifice between the Son of God, and his bride – that will endure forever! So come and chat:

1.) We must be Christians

2.) We must work at it

3.) Theology involved

4.) Death required – Christ died, the Church dies with him!

5.) holiness and accountability

6.) Conflict needed, conflict needing to avoid

7.) Time and priority

8.) Romance and Respect

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