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Tragedy and Our Response

UPDATE: This article was written after the shootings in Texas on November 5th, 2017. This article can also be applied to the recent school shootings in Florida, though it’s focus is how people have reacted on social media. This article, in no way, wants to negate the...
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Help Documentation

Adding an image to the carousel: Prepare your image at the dimensions 1920 pixels wide by 985 pixels high. Go to Media Library and click ‘Add’. Upload the image Go to the homepage and click ‘Edit’ at the top. Scroll all the way down to edit the Slider...
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How do I become a Christian?

Begin to listen to God Be broken before God Repent Believe in Christ for Salvation Call upon the name of the Lord Be baptized Join a scripturally based church How do I become a Christian? At the risk of stair-stepping perhaps the most important decision in your life, the...
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