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Philip: A Faithful & Fruitful “Evangelist”

Posted on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Philip: A Faithful & Fruitful “Evangelist”

Acts 6 & 8

Pastor Lou Mancari

20 September 2015


Who was Philip: He was not one of the 12 apostles, he was one of the 7 chosen to feed the widows. He was a pre-deacon who was attending to the routine matters of the church so the apostles could concentrate on preaching and prayer. But then he also became a preacher in his own right and later was referred to as an Evangelist. We can learn from the character of Philip how we too can be evangelists. What was the character of Philip so that we might emulate him?


Characteristics of Philip:

  1. Culturally Relevant – Acts 6:1, 5
    • He was aware of what was going on around him
    • He even had a Greek name so that those around him would accept him
    • We too need to be culturally astute – there is no need to be weird in order to evangelize
    • We should understand where people are without participating in or condoning their sin
    • Application: Use the culture as a means to get the gospel shared – connect with people practically
  2. Clean Reputation – Acts 6:3-5
    • Had a good reputation in the church and community
    • He was a credible witness
    • One does not have to be perfect (no one is), but continue to be sanctified – so that you can be called a person of good repute
    • Application: Live a life that shares the gospel – often our lifestyle can cause non-believers to doubt the gospel
  3. Courageous Attitude – Acts 6:5; Acts 8:1-8, 24
    • Philip preached to those who stoned Stephen
    • Application: Are we living to suffer for the sake of the gospel?
  4. Compassionate Heart – Acts 6:1-5
    • He was ready to meet the needs of the widow and serve those in need
    • He served those who were actually fatherless and husbandless – do you serve those who are also emotionally fatherless and husbandless?
    • Application: Be ready to serve where there is a need – be ready to go when people need to hear the gospel – be compassionate to those around you
  5. Complying Spirit – Acts 8:26-27; Acts 8:29-30
    • Philip obeyed the Spirit’s leading – he went where he was divinely appointed to go
    • Philip went without questioning
    • Application: Do you listen to the Spirit’s leading? Do you still your heart to be lead? Are you sensitive to the Spirit and His work?
  6. Conditioned Mind – Acts 8:31-35
    • Philip knew the Bible and was able to use whatever passage of scripture to bring the Eunuch to the gospel
    • Application: Do you know the Bible well enough to do this as well?
    • Philip entered into the Eunuch’s life where he was in order to share the gospel
    • Application: Enter into where people are – listen to see where they are mentally and then go to where that is in the scripture
  7. Continuing Ministry – Acts 21:8-9
    • 20 years later Philip was still ministering to the Apostles – ministering to Saul who had killed his fellow minister Stephen
    • Philip gave up bitterness and forgave Saul – God then used him to minister to all kinds of people
    • Philip did not take a break from ministry – he kept doing it even in his old age
    • Application: Be fruitful for the gospel and keep ministering
  8. Collective Results – Acts 6:7; Acts 8:5-40; Acts 21:8-9
    • He influenced: the Eunuch – the Individual; his family; a nation; the whole church universal
    • May our ministry be half as successful